Terms of Service

Scope of application

Douce France acts as an intermediary for the sale of tickets, registration for exams, as well as providing free digital documents / forms / content. Douce France is in no way contractually linked to the organizers of the events or examinations. The following general terms and conditions apply only to the contract concluded between Douce France (also called WIR) and the customer / user of the website www.destination-france.info (hereinafter referred to as the customer) regarding the transfer of the rights for tickets and the booking of services ( Language courses).

- Responsibility, information and content
- Price
- Order confirmation
- Data processing
- Delivery of the products
- Right of withdrawal
- Cancellation, Return, Refund
- Use and moderation of the comments
- Copyright
- Privacy policy and cookies
- Jurisdiction, place of fulfillment

1) Responsibility, information and content

Douce France provides information on the products offered by organizers. Douce France does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

These must be checked with the organizer / service provider prior to use of the rights.

This includes the correctness of the forms and documents you can download free of charge, the opening hours of the museums / castles / leisure parks, the scheduling of the concerts / sporting events, the location and the scheduling of the lessons and exams. Should changes occur, you can consult point 7) of the General Terms and Conditions.

We ask the customer to notify us of possible deviations, so that we can correct them.

The rights acquired from the organizer by Douce France are transferred to the customer after confirmation of the order.

Douce France is not responsible for the content of the events, the courses and the media.

There is no possibility to order a package of products (admission tickets / lessons) in combination with accommodation or transport. Douce France does not offer tourist travel services. Douce France is therefore not obliged to take out travel insurance.

The comments are not moderated. Douce France is not responsible for the content of the comments. Please refer to point 8) of the General Terms and Conditions.

The website www.destination-france.info contains links to external websites. Douce France is not responsible for the content of these websites. The owners are liable for their content. At the time of the linking, no illegal content could be detected. If you find any violations or deviations here, please let us know immediately so that we can remove the link.

2) Price

The price stated on the website www.destination-france.info is the final price plus service charges (0,00 €, 2,50 € or 8,00 € for express delivery). It includes the selling price and the agency fees of Destination France including all applicable taxes. The selling price is determined by the holder of rights. Douce France has no influence on this price. The commission of Douce France depends on the associated expenses, the amount of the transaction, the tax and marketing costs.

We would like to point out that the final price may vary considerably from the printed original price, especially for high demand events.

The service fees include the processing fees, shipping charges and postage.

3) Order confirmation

The courses or admission tickets advertised by us represent merely a request for the customer to submit corresponding purchase offers. The offer for the conclusion of the contract therefore is made by the customer, by ticking the box"   and completing the order process with obligation to pay by clicking the "I confirm my order" button. The validity of this offer shall be deemed to be valid if we have received it within the time limits of § 147 II BGB, at the latest within a period of 2 weeks, by e-mail (hereinafter "purchase confirmation").

By clicking on the button "I confirm my order" the customer accepts that possible costs could be incurred. The customer agrees to provide us with all data required by the organizers (such as desired dates and times, first and last name, address, age, examinations passed) and to take a placement test if requested by the organizer.

By placing an order, the customer assures us:

- that there is no prohibition of residence in the country concerned (for example, in teaching in another country)
- that no stadium ban has been placed against him or her (especially with sports events)
- that the registered person has the right to take an examination recognized by the French State and that the person accepts all (including school-related) punitive measures in case of deception
- be aware that the organizers may use various means including contractual through their own terms of sale to limit access, resale, transmission of rights or change of personalization by a third party for commercial purposes. Douce France endeavors to reduce the possibility of conflicts appearing, in particular by not becoming the owner of the rights itself, but provides against provision the best provisions for the direct obtaining of the rights by the customer from the original buyer,
- recognize that given the diversity of the general conditions of sale and use of the organizers and the lack of influence on them, Douce France allows personalization but would not be held liable for any sanctions related to non-compliance. compliance with the contractual terms with the organizer that legally invalidate the assignment of rights. These are in the sphere of the risks of the customer,
- that the person is of age in his or her home country or has parental consent.

4) Data processing

The credit cards as well as the account data are not processed or stored, nor are they made accessible to third parties. The payment procedures are SSL encrypted and are managed by Paypal or Moneybooker / Skrill.

5) Delivery of products

Many products are provided directly and free of charge to customers. This is done through online streaming, podcasting or downloading the products.

Non-free products for download require the creation of a customer account and can be downloaded depending on the orders details directly after payment receipt.

Products such as tickets for museums, castles, monuments, shows, concerts or sports events are subject to the organizer's date of issue. In general, tickets for events can be delivered up until the time that the event begins. Please ensure that the final entry ticket can be issued / handed out on the day of the event. On-site pick- up is also available.

Douce France is responsible for the timely delivery of the products and therefore reserves the right to choose the delivery method (post, registered mail, e-mail, chronopost, lettre avec suivi, UPS, etc.) and to request a different delivery address (France Métropolitaine, DOM-TOM overseas territories, or in a foreign country depending on the venue).

For enrollment for examinations or language courses, communication takes place directly between the customer and the organizer. In the case of communication difficulties with the organizer, the customer is obliged to notify Douce France as soon as possible.

The date of the event (examination, events, concert, language lessons) is considered the date of the transfer of the related rights. Until then the rights remain the property of the original owner. As a guarantee, the sum will not be released by Douce France until after the event has taken place.

Audio-documents are available in mp3 format. The customer is solely responsible for the correct reading of the document.

The e-tickets (also called online tickets) as well as forms and some books are provided in PDF format. The customer is solely responsible for the correct printing and the correct reproduction (including correct layout) of these files. The customer can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following link: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

The books are available for download in PDF or e.pub format. The e.pub format is supported by E-Books. The format is specified in the product description.

Downloading the free program PDF Sumatra allows you to convert the format e.pub to PDF and allows you to open the file on a PC, smartphone or on other devices.

The online tickets are to be printed on white DIN-A4 paper - unless an alternate format is explicitly requested by the organizer - so that the barcode is clearly legible on the day of the event. We advise the customer to treat the e-tickets carefully until the day of the visit or the event, to pay attention to the quality of the print and to protect them from rain, fire, etc.

The customer agrees not to copy the document illegally, not to transmit it to unauthorized third parties and not to falsify or modify the information provided on the document. If necessary, Douce France reserves the right to initiate legal action against the Customer.

6) Right of withdrawal

The resale of products by Douce France refers to services (provided by the organizer) as outlined in i.S.v. § 312g Paragraph 2 N°9 III German Civil Code (BGB), which are part of the area of recreational activities (including related services) and are to be provided (by the organizer of the event / language lesson / examination) at a specific time or within a specified period. The law does not grant the customer the right to revoke a purchase order, nor is such a right granted by these general terms and conditions. This means that all orders for products are binding - after receiving confirmation of purchase from Douce France, the customer is obliged to pay in full for the purchased tickets or services.

Douce France reserves the right to cancel an order if payment is not made immediately or within a reasonable period of time (approximately 4 business days).

7) Cancellation, Return, Refund

In case of cancellation or transfer to a later event- or examination-date, or in case of a breach of the organizer against his obligations, the customer is entitled to a partial or full refund by the organizer in the amount of the original price.

The services of Douce France will not be refunded as far as these are correct and complete (ex: enrollment in a course, delivery of tickets).

With regards to reimbursements, Douce France offers to communicate with organizers on behalf of the customer, free of charge. In this case, the customer should provide Douce France with the documents and information required for the oder return processing (tickets, account information) as soon as possible. Douce France may refuse to provide this service if a deadline has been set by the organizer which cannot be met by Douce France (including postponement of the event / course).

Reimbursement takes place via bank transfer. The processing time depends directly on the time required by the organizer and the number of refunds to be made.

8) Use and moderation of comments

The website destination-france provides a comment function. The comments are not moderated by Douce France.

The written comments must be related to the product.

The authors of the comments are solely responsible for the content.

This function of the website destination-france may not be used to convey illegal, threatening, offensive, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, pornographic, incendiary or discriminatory material; to violate privacy laws or image rights; to write comments that would lead to a behavior which might appear to be punishable or which would result in criminal liability.

Users are urged to report such violations of our terms. Douce France reserves the right to delete any comment on the website or to initiate legal action against the authors.

9) Copyright

The photos and pictures on the website are for illustration purposes only. These images were selected on the websites flickr.com or Wikipedia. The photos and images have been re-cut, re-dimensioned or edited according to the technical requirements and without the explicit consent of the authors regarding the use.

The images are licensed under Creative Commons. References including name and license-type can be found in the imprint. For unlisted images, the rights are reserved for Douce France.

All texts and documents relating to this can be freely downloaded on the www.ciep.fr. Douce France offers a direct and free download for educational purposes only.

The forms and documents relating to official applications are issued by the French Republic. These are provided for free on the destination-france site for informational purposes. Douce France points out that there may be inconsistencies with regard to up-to-dateness or conformity.

The books in e.pub or PDF format are free of copyright and free of charge.

10) Privacy Policy and Cookies

(1) Treated data and treatment patterns

At each visit of our portal, our server stores data: IP address of the requesting computer, the date and time of access to our website (and sub-pages), the name and the URL of the recovered file. , the internet service provider, possibly the operating system of the requesting computer and the name of your service provider and data respectively comparable thereto.
Access to the www.destination-france.info website includes, as usual, the use of cookies to improve and optimize the user experience.

Cookies are small data files, which are stored temporarily in your browser to store and retrieve information about the behavior. The storage of cookies is limited in time. 

The files allow the saving of user-specific settings, e.g. the selected language, the currency, or the size of the letters.

Cookies do not provide any connection between IP addresses and personal data. Neither of the cookies allows us to send notices to your e-mail address or otherwise contact you via any contact information provided. None of the cookies reads data from your hard drive.

You can prevent the processing of data by preventing the installation of cookies in the configuration of your browser. Most browsers can report cookies and prevent their use. The settings are normally found under "Options" or "Settings" in the browser menu. However, this may affect the functioning of the website.

We also take appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or total loss, destruction or against unauthorized access by third parties. Our security measures are constantly improved according to technological developments. These data are not linked to external databases or personal data.
For registrations or orders, personal data may be stored with your consent. Among other things, name, address, e-mail address, date of birth. The data provided by the customer such as name, address or e-mail address are only used for the processing of the order or passed on to third parties (for example, the names of the names or dates of births to the organizers of language tests or the personalization of tickets). In certain cases, Douce France may require a copy of a passport or credit card; Inter alia where there is a suspicion of fraud.
Apart from processing for administrative purposes related to the contractual relationship, we may possibly use this data for the following purposes:

  • Manage your subscription to the newsletter (subscriptions and unsubscriptions),
  • Execution and tracking of your product orders made on the Site,
  • Realization of anonymous statistics on the frequentation of the Site,
  • Allow access to certain features of the Site
  • You provide information about products and / or services and commercial prospecting messages,
  • Conducting surveys and surveys

(2) Transmission of data to third parties

A transfer of your personal data to third parties for purposes other than those listed below does not take place.
We only share your personal information with third parties if:
- You have expressed your consenetement according to Article 6, paragraph 1, page 1, lit. a GDPR,
- the disclosure pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1, reads f is necessary for the affirmation, exercise or defense of your rights, and there is no reason to believe that you have a primary interest in not disclosing your data,,
- where the disclosure provided for in Article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1, reads c GDPR is a legal obligation, as well as
- as permitted by law and in accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 lit. b GDPR this is required for the settlement of the contractual relationship with you.

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Our site also uses "plug-ins" or social modules such as "like" buttons, "sharing" of third-party companies such as social networks Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + .... located for example on product pages. With these buttons, you can enjoy and share information on our portal with your friends on social networks. The consultation of a page containing such plug-ins or social modules induces the establishment of a connection with the servers of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter ...) which are then informed that you have accessed the corresponding page and even if you do not have a Facebook or Twitter user account, and even if you are not connected to your Facebook or Twitter account. If you do not want social networks to post your actions from plug-ins to your social media accounts, you must sign out of your social networks before visiting our site.

(3) Right of rectification, cancellation and blocking

You have the right:
- in accordance with article 15 of the GDPR to require information about your personal data processed by us. You may, for example, request information about the processing purposes, the category of personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been disclosed or the expected storage time, the existence of a right to correct, delete or limit or oppose the processing, the existence of the right to complain, the source of their data, if not communicated to us, and the existence of automated decision making including profiling and, where appropriate, significant information on their details;
- in accordance with article 16 of the GDPR, to immediately require the correction of incorrect or incomplete personal data that we have stored;
-in accordance with Article 17 of the GDPR to request the deletion of personal data registered by us as long as the processing of such data is not necessary for the affirmation, exercise or defense of rights, the exercise the right to think and to inform, the fulfillment of a legal obligation or that the suppression is contrary to the common interest,
- in accordance with Article 18 of the GDPR to request the limitation of the processing of your data as long as the validity of this personal data is contested, the treatment is illegal, you oppose their removal and we no longer need you need it for the affirmation, exercise or defense of your rights or that you have filed an objection to their treatment in accordance with Article 21 of the GDPR;
- in accordance with article 20 GDPR, to receive your personal data provided in a structured, standard and machine-readable format or to request the transfer to another responsible person;
- in accordance with Article 7 paragraph 3 GDPR, to revoke your consent once given at any time. Therefore, we are not allowed to continue processing data on the basis of this consent for the future and
- lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in accordance with Article 77 of the GDPR. As a rule, you can contact the supervisory authority of your place of residence or usual work or our registered office.

(4) Right to opposition

Insofar as the processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest in accordance with Article 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. f GDPR, you have the right to file an objection against the processing of your personal data in accordance with Article 21 GDPR, provided that there are reasons for this arising from your particular situation or the objection is directed against the direct mail. In the latter case, you have a general right of opposition, which we implement without specifying a particular situation.

11) Jurisdiction, Place of fulfillment

(1) Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the place of fulfillment and payment shall be our place of business. Insofar as the customer is not a merchant, the statutory provisions on the court of jurisdiction remain unaffected, subject to the following provisions in para. (2).

(2) If the customer is a merchant or a non-consumer, the courts of the Federal Republic of Germany are responsible for all domestic or international disputes with regard to or in connection with the provision of services by Douce France with respect to accommodation contracts - including initiated contractual relations. In this case, only the courts with jurisdiction in Düsseldorf are responsible. However, we reserve the right to sue the customer, the merchant or other non-consuming person, at his or her place of business. The above also applies to other customers, with the provision that they may appeal to courts other than those mentioned in Section 4 of the EC Regulation No. 44/2001.

(3) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany (hereinafter "FRG") shall apply, but with the exclusion of the UN purchase right and the provisions of German private international law. This also applies in those cases in which the customer is not habitually resident in the FRG. In such cases, however, the application of German law may not displace, at the place where the customer is habitually resident, such provisions whose purpose is to protect the customer, and which due to local law cannot be disregarded.

(4) In the case of possible ambiguities or inconsistencies between the French version of the General Terms and Conditions and versions in other languages, the French version shall prevail.

(5) Should, in the case of contracts between Douce France and the customer incorporating these General Terms and Conditions, individual or several provisions or parts thereof outside these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, for reasons other than those listed in §§ 305 - 310 BGB (German Civil Code), the effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts thereof shall not be affected. On the contrary, Douce France and the customer are obliged in these cases to participate in a new regulation which comes as close as possible to the economic intentions of the affected provisions / parts. The same applies in the event of holes in the contract requiring additional information or elaboration. § 306 BGB remains unaffected.

 Last updated on May 13, 2019 in Düsseldorf

If there are any inconsistencies, please refer to the French version of the GTC. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at contact@destination-france.info